YVR – Tickets to Paradise


YVR was looking to increase the mainstream community’s awareness of six Asian countries as potential travel destinations to achieve higher passenger volume on all flights, direct or connecting, from YVR. They were looking to create a campaign with an experiential extension to help educate people on these countries and promote them as travel destinations.


In partnership with TAXI Vancouver we brought the T-shirts to Paradise campaign to life at three key summer events. Structured around a contest to win flights to their destination of choice, people were invited to select a t-shirt designed to look like a souvenir shirt from one of the six Asian countries. They next stepped into the Asian themed set to take a photo of themselves in Asia. Photos were then shared to social media as their contest entry. The experiential activities were supported through OOH ads, online ads, and social media initiatives.


  • 109,000 exposures over three events
  • Interacted with 18,750 people
  • 6,724 t-shirts distributed
  • 5,908 contest entries