Nestlé Coffee-Mate Bliss Sampling


Create an engaging sampling experience to ditch creamer rage.


Nestlé Canada was looking for a creative way to sample their new line of natural dairy and plant based non-dairy creamers. In partnership with Momentum, we executed a two day sampling program in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

We noticed there was quite a bit of coffee rage happening when it came to dairy alternatives – curdling, bad taste, etc. . To counter this, we created a 20 x 20 space for people to come in and enjoy a free coffee, sample the product and ditch the rage.

We worked  with a local production company to capture the beautifully designed space along with reactions of real people who stopped by to sample. Footage was then used to create content for online platforms.


  • Over 900,000 views of online video
  • Over 1,000 cups of coffee sampled in two days